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Hello Convicts! 

I am a representive of ASEC and we are looking for fresh recruits into our numbers here in Taviana(ATD-MGT).

What is ASEC?

  • ASEC or Aegis Security Incorporated is a private military Firm. Who strive to bring order to the chaos through Power, manipulation, and of course death to those who aren't willing to bow down to authority.

How do you join?

  • Joining is simple fill out a the application given below and proceed to joining our communication center and receive your interview.


Before proceeding make sure you meet our requirements:

  1. Mature
  2. Have a mic
  3. Be at least the age of 16
  4. Can and will follow orders
  5. Remain active (gaming times 2pm-9pm london time) (8am-3pm US CST)


why do you want to join?

what do you hope to bring as our newest member?

What would be your goals once accepted into ASEC?

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