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''You were kicked from the game'' error


- Deleted Addons folder to see if anything was corrupted, verified the filesarrow-10x10.png. SameERRORarrow-10x10.png
-Updated battleye. SameERRORarrow-10x10.png. (some said deletearrow-10x10.png BEClient.dll / downloaded and replace with the arma 3 file on the site. 
-Reinstalled all the mods required. SameERRORarrow-10x10.png


Used A3Launcher previously, then tried CCG launcher, since A3Launcher downloaded all the files needs for Exile i just copied the files needed into CCG's mod folder, saved time because i got theERRORarrow-10x10.png ''file size don't match'' so it wouldn't let me download the mods needed for exile anyway but i already had them from a3launcher.


reponse would be great,THANKarrow-10x10.png you.

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