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It's caused by wooden floors, as far as I can tell, a few of my players on my server experienced the same. I think Exile dev team is planning to make a different block for helicopters, so this won't happen, I lost my Orca to the same, however Little Birds seems to be working just fine on wooden floors example, I just think it happens for the bigger helicopters :-) 

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This is a known problem. Other known Mod have the same problem. There are two things you can do to minimize the risk of blowing up your helis on wooden floors.


1st : make sure your heli will not hit any border of a floor. wheels need to ve a clear space on the floor and should not touch the borders.

2nd: The orientation of you vehicles (cars also) should be always into nothern direction. when a vehicle spawns after restart they will make an upto 359 turn if they are not in this direction. Also make sure all vehicles have enough space to walls and any other object due to this possible 359 turn.

I built my bases always in North - South direction and so far no heli or car was killed to this ArmA 3 bug.


As far as i know from the other big building mod the is a workaround with a script. But i never saw a server using this script so far... well i did not hear they use it.





PS: One thing i forgot. Also you never never never should park a car under a helicopter that is able to lift. This is an experience i made in another mod that there is some power moving between both vehicles if you do so. They start (at least the helicopter) to dance like M.J. and will die in the end because of low power :-) Strider also tend to flip in this case and also will die because they will defo not land on their wheels.


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