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Gameplay Breaking bugs still present.


Been playing Exile since release and just back after a 1 month break just due to lack of content and things to do.


Sad and frustrated to see the same annoying bugs have not been fixed in all this time period. You die and go back to collect your weapon for example, Exile's ridiculous cleanup has deleted it. You kill someone once again Exile's cleanup has deleted it. You drop something on the ground and then come back for it few minutes later Exile's cleanup has deleted it.

Also massive issues with magazines.. say you drop your backpacks or chestrig into your vehicle to pick others up off bodies, when you collect your own chestrig/bag 2 minutes later your ammo is just deleted. Nowhere to be seen and this happens constantly maybe 9/10 times to our group currently and its ridiculous especially when looting missions for carryalls.

My question is, why is there no system to detect players within a certain radius to prevent loot cleanup. Why is there no timeout on player dropped loot? Say 5 minutes or so. I'm just so puzzled to why these exist after 4 months..


Looking forward to feedback.



If you want some proof or example videos let me know, 9/10 times replicate ..

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As far as I'm aware (if i read the configs right), things are tidied up after X amounts of minutes (somewhere between 10 and 15 depending on what it is. They are configurable.

We changed ours to increase them a bit, as people weren't able to get back to their bodies in time.

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Yep Paul is correct, this is all config controlled. The server owner/operator can change the timeout for deletion to whatever they want, and there is a player detection radius to stop a deletion. There is however, a static time (default is 20 min I think) that it will delete stuff even if there is a player nearby.

Also, you said u were gone for a month, I think about a month ago the arma update really messed with exile, and set back development cuz they had to spend time getting stuff working again. Gotta give them mad props for patching the mod so quickly and getting it working with the new arma version.

PS, the ammo in the bags being deleted is an ARMA bug, not exile specific, it will happen in normal arma or other mods as well. You gotta take the stuff out if you want to keep it. I mean, I understand that it's annoying, but if it is happening to you 9/10 times like you say, then maybe you shouldn't do it anymore. The definition of Insanity is repeating the same thing and expecting a different result; no offense, but you seem pretty insane to me :P

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