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Hey guys, has someboy a tutorial or something like this, i want to add a safe zone respawn, u know? with a parachute but in safe zone.


Thank´s everybody

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You can depbo the mission file, open up the mission.sqf file in the arma 3 editor and put down a marker where you want the spawn. Save. Open up in a text editor (I recommend notepad ++) and locate the marker you just placed and saved. Change it so it looks similar to this:

        class Item2
            position[] = {5530.592,169.3706,7499.6587};
            name = "Spawncustom1";
            text = "what the players see";
            type = "ExileSpawnZone";

The important part is   type = "ExileSpawnZone";


Save it, repbo it, upload it, restart server, good to go.

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