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Possible fix for no attack animations on Zombies?


Hi guys,

Has anyone had success whitelisting the zombie functions for the Zombies and Demons mod in their description.ext as per this post


So, the code would be , just curious of anyone has done this and if it works? Thanks

class CfgRemoteExec
    class Functions
        mode = 1;
        jip = 0;
        class ExileServer_system_network_dispatchIncomingMessage     { allowedTargets=2; };                                      
        class fnc_RyanZombies_SwitchMove { allowedTargets =0; };
        class fnc_RyanZombies_PlayMoveNow { allowedTargets =0; };
        class fnc_RyanZombies_DoMoveLocalized { allowedTargets =0; };
        class fnc_RyanZombies_Bleeding { allowedTargets =0; };
        class fnc_RyanZombies_Velocity { allowedTargets =0; };
        class fnc_RyanZombies_SetHitIndex { allowedTargets =0; };
    class Commands


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