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Using Calls from other PBO's

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Hello, in Defent's mission system (a3_dms.pbo), he has a really nice call to make the text appear at the top. The function is: 

[string,string] call DMS_fnc_BroadcastMissionStatus;

If I create an announce script and place it in my missions (Exile.Altis.pbo) file and call this function here:

if (!isServer) exitWith {};

_delay = 300;
sleep 180;

_messageArray = [
	["Check out our community website at -snip-"],
	["Join our TeamSpeak if you have any questions: -snip-"],
	["We are looking for helpers! Speak to -snip- if you are interested."],
	["Vehicles parked in safe zones will be deleted after 24 hours."]

while {true} do
	sleep _delay;
	_msg = _messageArray select (random (count _messageArray - 1));
	["Notice",_msg] call DMS_fnc_BroadcastMissionStatus;

will it show my message as it does for the missions, will the function be loaded on the server, or will it only be within the scope of a3_dms? 

Sorry if this is not the correct place to post this, I couldn't find a suitable place for it. 


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