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Little Help With createvehicle.txt

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I thought I had my BE filters pretty good until createvehicle.txt #0 errors started. I added the few things it was flagging but it does not seem to be helping.

My createvehicle.txt looks like

7 "" !="Exile_Unit_GhostPlayer" !="Steerable_Parachute_F" !"CMflare" !"I_UAV" !"LaserTarget" !"SLAM" !"SatchelCharge_Remote_Ammo" !"DemoCharge" !"ClaymoreDirectionalMine" !"IEDUrban" !"G_40mm_" !"F_40mm_" !="Exile_Ammo_Swing" !"F_Signal" !="I_IRStrobe" !="O_IRStrobe" !="NVG_TargetG" !"WeaponHolder" !"Supply" !"B_" !"SmokeShell" !"IEDLand" !"APERS" !="O_HMG_01_weapon_F" !="O_HMG_01_F" !="O_HMG_01_support_F" !"Chemlight" !="GrenadeHand" !="mini_Grenade" !="SmokeLauncherAmmo" !="R_PG32V_F" !="M_Titan_AA" !="M_Scalpel_AT" !="GroundWeaponHolder"
1 "IEDLand"
1 "IEDUrban"
1 "GrenadeHand"
1 "mini_Grenade"
1 "SmokeLauncherAmmo"
1 "NVG_TargetG"
1 "O_IRStrobe"
1 "I_IRStrobe"
1 "F_Signal"
1 "F_40mm_"
1 "G_40mm_"
1 "DemoCharge"
1 "ClaymoreDirectionalMine"
1 "SLAM"
1 "SatchelCharge_Remote_Ammo"
1 "I_UAV"
1 "O_HMG_01_F"
1 "Steerable_Parachute_F"
1 "R_PG32V_F"
1 "M_Titan_AA"
1 "M_Scalpel_AT"
1 "GroundWeaponHolder"


I added them first to line 2 then I tried to add to the just log part and I still get kicked for the M_Titan M_Scalpel M_GroundWeaponHolder. i was wondering am I not addidng these properly?

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kick is on 1st line as 1 is just log, you can try wildcards !"M_" !"R_" !"F_" !"GroundWeaponHolder" but must be on the end of line starting with 7 as that is the kick itself

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I want to make sure I understand what you are saying. Are you saying the 7 line handles the kick itself and the 1 lines are so it logs them only? Can you explain why some are !"" and some !="" I have been wondering what the diffrence is thruout the batteye filters

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the number at the start of the line says what the line will do

7 "" alone would kick for anything that is triggered in that class (i.e any createvehicle script) anything you add after it gets to be ignored by the kick. (Whitelisting good rather than blacklisting bad).

1 is the lowest level and is "log only" so some of the createvehicles are whitelisted in line 1 but if they have their own line later it is saying - "allow script but log" you can actually remove all the lines starting 1 if you wanted to have less logging as that's all they do. (BE goes from 1 to 7 in levels of doing something).

Matching phrases is pretty simple if the command is !="blah this text here" then it must find the entire phrase of "blah this text here" but you can do partial matches so you could stop the kick with !"blah" and it would allow anything that contains "blah" so it would allow through "blah this text here". This partial match doesn't work in scripts.txt though.

using the partial match allows for example to whitelist all RHS and RHSUS stuff easily in 2 commands !"rhs_" !"rhsus_" as all their vehicles start like that, Arma 3 vehicles all start !"O_" !"I_" !"C_" all exile vehicles with !"Exile_" so it makes it easy to run through the side BE filters with these dozen or so filters instead of 2000 or so  !="

Hope that makes sense

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