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EXILE in the Year 2015

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Since June 2015 where our mod was first released we got some awesome numbers to share with you guys.

1.995.146 sessions, 687.411 unique users, 9,954.397 pageviews.
Average pageviews of each user is 4,99 Pages per visit.
Average session time of each user is 05:01 minutes per visit.

The top 3 countrys by unique sessions:
USA - 823.059 Sessions
Germany - 359.423 Sessions
England - 162.350 Sessions

Our Download Server served since July over 71 Terrabyte volume (its only one download server)
We had around 513.900 connections to our downloadserver (completed and disconect downloads).

Our Forum has 52.360 Unique users registered within our website and there are more then 42.368 total posts made since then. 2180 users where only at the same time on October the 3rd.

Our facebook page gets an average of 58 likes per week and in total 2.869 likes since June 2015.

Also we serve an average of around 22.000 Players a day (connecting to EXILE servers).

These numbers make us very proud! Thank you for being a part of our life in 2015 - lets see us in 2016 then!

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3 hours ago, Hollow said:


Quit promoting your mod...

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