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happy new year guys,

i dont think i need to tell you how awesome exile is (without playing it at all =D) but i will do anyways. you guys are a source of inspiration to. i learned so much from you that im now able to give something back to the community.

anyway, i got a request or feature wish. id like to see a (default) option for traders, so that they use respact as currency instead of tabs. something like

showWeaponFilter = 0;

for the sake of an example call it useRespect = 0/1 and then add an aditional value in the CfgArsenal, like

class Dizz_Well1_Kit	{ quality = 1; price = 5000; sellprice = 500; respect = xyz; sellrespect = xyz; };

if not set you could use the ratio set in the config, by default 0.5
so we could have respect traders without touching any code. yes, i make this request because i struggle to achieve that in my own xD maybe i need to put more brains in it.


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