[SOLVED] Infistar "lag on adminmenu open"

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Several of my admins have noticed that the Infistar menu is "lagging" or taking longer to open than usual. I'm wondering if that little black box that seems to be showing news/updates is the cause. If it's pulling live updates or feeds, a connection issue between the server and the feed could be causing this.

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looks like you are running an older version which loads the html from my "main" domain (which is too slow to handle that)

it doesn't effect the server tho. It is the client that loads the webpage and due to it was made in the old version it is just not working very well :)


please for now go with the latest update as that loads from a much faster server.

I'm also just changing the code of it and putting in an option to use that or not use that (maybe some find it annoying anyways)






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