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Hello, I have the rearm script of Axe Cop adapted to Exile. Before me, Halvhjearne has adapted it to Arma 3 Epoch.

How to install the script:

1. Copy the custom folder in your mission folder. (Exile.Altis)

2a. Modify your init.sqf and add the following: 
[] execVM "custom\money\takegive_poptab_init.sqf";

if(hasInterface) then{
    [] execVM "custom\service\service_point.sqf";
2b. If you do not have a init.sqf, use my and paste them in your mission folder. (Exile.Altis)

3. Now you can change the prices (Or whatever you want) in the service_point.sqf. (custom -> service)

4. It is better to remove the ammunition before buying and spawning vehicles. How To

5. Now just change the BattlEye filter and finished. How To

I have tested the script on my server. (v0.9.35)

Download Link

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Can't wait to add this! Thanks for the port Dodo!

O man this is way nice

thanks for the work

So it's THAT good, huh?? how about sharing the download link?

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