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Locked myself in a vehicle (bug and suggestion)


Two different scenarios occurred for me the other evening.

1 - I was in a trader zone, standing next my truck and transferring inventory. I thought I heard footsteps, so I hit the user action key to quickly lock. I looked around, and there was nobody. I then hit user action to unlock, hit the mouse wheel to get in, but then apparently in some weird timing issue, hit the user action key again while getting in. The result was be being locked inside my own vehicle. It was driveable and thankfully I had friend on, so I had to drive to them and get them to unlock from the outside, otherwise, I would've been stuck.

2 - Flying back to trader as a heli passenger, we landed, the pilot got out and locked it while I was still inside. I was stuck there until he unlocked, even though I knew the code. Not a big deal in this case, but if he would've logged out, I was stuck. If we had not been in a trader and he was killed, I would've been stuck and vulnerable until he respawned and returned.

My suggestions based on these experiences is that vehicles should be able to be locked/unlocked when you are inside, as long as you know the code. In issues 1 and 2 above, I would have then been able to get out.  Also, when you are locked inside, you should be able to interact with the vehicle inventory, but people outside a locked vehicle cannot. That way you could safely sit at a trader, locked, and work with your inventory without someone walking over and taking things out of the vehicle or getting in. Perhaps also, if you are inside and it is locked, it can't be driven. This way you can still kill people in moving vehicles and take their vehicle.

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