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Hey all,

I'm working on a couple of projects and I could use some help from experienced admins and scripters.  If you're interested please message me your experience, location/country and hours you're on.

Thanks guys!

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Just giving this a shot cause I want to get back into scripting.  I haven't really written any scripts but I am very good at reading and adjusting, also adding in scripts.  My biggest claim to fame is starting the trend of quick trading back on dayz epoch.  Although I never claimed to be the person to do it, my players who a few i'm still in contact with, know for a fact I was the first to poke around in it, never perfected it like it is today.  Secondly, my experience with adjustments and learning how to adjust server code and config files goes from Minecraft servers, to ARK, to Arma 2 and Arma 3.  I helped run epoch servers, dayz servers, co op servers but never really got to play around with exile but I am a fast learner.  If it can be done I can do it.  For maturity wise, I am up their in age at 27 and availability is pretty much anytime.  I am from the USA and the state of Wyoming, so Mountain Time Standard Time Zone.

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