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Problems with Xbox Controller HELP!



I have a reallllyyy annoying issue happening and I need some help with it. 

So I cannot fly a helicopter with a keyboard and mouse.. just cannot do it. I keep wasting my money crashing them in Exile. SO I bought a cable for my Xbox One Controller, hooked it up, configured the controls for Arma 3 and worked AMAZING during the editor, and a little bit in some Multiplayer KOTH in Arma 3. 
However, when I launch into Exile, it pretends as if I have nothing set up. All of my configs and mappings are set as if I had a controller hooked up. However when I get into the Heli, nothing works. It's like the controller isn't plugged in. 
I thought, MAYBE I needed to configure it using the Exile Main Menu, instead of the Arma 3 Main Menu.. Configured it, ran it in editor, it worked.. loaded into the Exile server. Still doesn't work. Hopped into the server Teamspeak, they don't have anything of that nature disabled.
My buddy, who plays on the same server as I do, uses an xbox controller to fly as well and he doesn't have an issue. 

I bought and installed Xpadder, which does what it needs to do.. but there is a slight delay and it isn't near as smooth and is a bit stiff compared to how Arma has it configured to work with a controller. So it works... just not nearly as great as Arma has.. however... Arma's controller system doesnt seem to work in Exile :( IDK what to do.. 

(Edit: When I first hooked it up, it worked great in Exile, yet when I got out of the Heli my Stances would not work.. I had to open the Menu and go into Configure and then Esc out for my stances to work again. As soon as I did that, and got back into the Heli the controls for the Heli stopped working and would not work after that.)

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