Berzerkerz Team Recruiting Active & Friendly Members Hello All Arma3 Exile Players! Who are the Berzerkerz? We are looking for some active members to be a part of a growing community! This is a new step for us as we are expanding our Community to new heights. Whether you are a new player or veteran to the game, and just wanting a good time to spend with your fellow members, then this is the place for you! The Berzerkerz Community is a multi-gaming Community that started back in 2014 and now has grown onto a whole new level. At the moment, we have been few in number because of college and other activities that take time away from gaming. However, we are starting to make new teams for our group. There are only a few requirements before you can be considered a part of the team. ----------------------------------------------- Who We are as a Community: The Community is the symbol of growth, friendship, teamwork, and most! What we want is to give that same experience that we've recieved back in the day, to the newer members that are playing Arma3 either for the first time, or just recently coming back into playing.  This is an opportunity to grow as a whole and build a community of active, friendly, and supportive players that can trust each other and know that they are having a good time being with each and every member of the team.  There is always room for growth, so starting somewhere from the bottom can only get better by growing to the top. What I would like out of this?  I would like to have the same exact group that I once played with. That fun, energetic, and cooperative vibe that I got not only from the leaders who set the example, but from the members that followed that example. ----------------------------------------------- What do we provide? *We Offer a Community Discord
*We offer a Steam Group [For Updates, News, Announcements]
*A Friendly Community full of active and mature members
*Special Community Giveaways
*A Chance for you as a person to be a part of a growing community ----------------------------------------------- Simple Terms & Conditions: *All players must be active as much as they can spare, those who are inactive for more than 6 days[unless notified before temporary absence] shall be kicked from the team.
*All players must have an open mind and positive attitude.
*Must be helpful for the players that are new to the game.
*Discord isn't required, but would greatly improve social activity with other members. [With or without a mic/headset]
*Must have a steam account, and accepted into the Steam Group.
*Age Requirement: Now I'm not one to be picky when saying "you must be 18 or older" just because of a stupid stereotype of some kids being how they are. I would like more older players just so we can have an active group for both, afternoons and late nights.
----------------------------------------------- Ranking:

Ranking will work based on how loyal you are to the clan. Now Given that this is a rather laid back group of like minded individuals, we would like to stick to our own, so that we can grow together as a community.

Now with that being said, the ranking system will be based on loyalty in the clan, and helping spread the word to others about how great of a clan we are! We will be keeping track of who is active in the clan, who's helped out in the clan, and who we believe can rise within the ranks and be a great importance to the community! ----------------------------------------------- After knowing all our information, we just require some information about you! Template: [Copy and Paste in Reply] ╾╾╾╾╾╾╾╾╾╾╾╾╾╾
Steam Link:
Ingame Name: [Family] -
Discord Username#:
What are you looking out for in the Team? [Long-Term/Short-Term]
How active can you be with our guild?
[ ] Daily
[ ] Weekdays Only
[ ] Weekends Only
Tell us a little about yourself?
╾╾╾╾╾╾╾╾╾╾╾╾╾╾ All you must do is fill out this application, and one of our section leads will send you an invitation for a trial run. [MUST HAVE DISCORD] (~)Please copy and paste the small template in your reply so that we can invite you into our discord and play with us. This may be a bit too formal and serious in terms of recruitment but we like to make friends on long terms and not just a one time game. Berzerkerz Community Council Members: [Discord Contact] -------------------------------------------------
ZerkGaming - iZerk#9859 [Community Founder]
GDW - GDW-Gaming#1734 {NA} [ArmA Team Division Leader]
Stintson - Stintson#9165 {EU} [ArmA Team Division Leader]