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Car's disabled when locked

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Hi hoping this is the right area

Wondering if it's possible to make vehicle's when lock disabled ie locked car cant be driven or in cases like the hmg vehicles with gun it also makes them unable to be fired .

My two main reason's for this is simple

1-- your in safe zone hop out turn around to lock and someone get's in you lock it they cant drive away with your car this will stop those guys who do nothing but camp
trader's waiting for a player to sell his stash i know some of you will say lock it faster etc etc but with lag there will always be a time gap in locking the vehicle

2--This will also stop the locking the car with your mate inside it and then he drive's down to the enemy and just runs them over or incases with the hmg hunter/strider stops locking your mate inside while he is still able to turn the gun and shoot at players or a mission without any care for the loss of the vehicle

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