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How to install Headless Client on linux ubuntu?


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It's pretty straight forward.... I use a headlessclient with FuMS and your mission is going to be different depending on what you're running. Here's the link to his github, its very well documented. https://github.com/horbin/FuMS-HC-Exile

One thing that is going to be the same is the mission file. Here's my mission file that has slots for up to four headless clients. It also has extra safezones, so if you copy it you will need to remove those markers.



There is one big problem with headless clients on linux atm though... In order to get them to connect to the server properly, you need to disable signature verification on your server.

verifySignatures = 0;

This introduces a security risk on your server since players can join the server with any addons they want.

This issue has been report to Bohemia and if you could help upvote this issue that would be awesome!



If you run the headless client on a windows machine it will work correctly without disabling the signature check!!! This is recommended. 


You will also need to add the ip address of the headless client in the server cfg. If you run the headless client on the same machine add this to your server cg.

localClient[] = {};
headlessClients[] = {""};


Here is the startup config I use:

./arma3server -client -nosound -connect=localhost -port=2302 -mod=@Exile\; -profiles=HCLogs

Hope this is a good start. The github for FuMS should have all the info needed to get up and running.

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Thanks answer but not full understand. Run server two arma3server services? I think one is a server and one is a client.

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I posted the start needed to run the arma3server as a client!!

On 1/7/2016 at 1:44 PM, smelting said:

./arma3server -client -nosound -connect=localhost -port=2302 -mod=@Exile\; -profiles=HCLogs

you can use all the same server files as client files just by adding the -client parameter.

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