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Script Restriction #38 "age false};

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Hey I'm doing a server with Exile, ExileZ, and the zombie mod. But I got this restriction

#38 "age false};
if !(isnil "ryanzombiesdeletion") then {[_zombie] execVM "\ryanzombies\delzombies.sqf"};

if (isnil "Ryanzombiesfncs"

I... I... don't know what to do... pllz help I'm a noob  :(

Ok I followed the guide and came up with this (added to line #40)

!="age false};\nif !(isnil \"ryanzombiesdeletion\") then {[_zombie] execVM \"\ryanzombies\delzombies.sqf\"};\n\nif (isnil \"Ryanzombiesfncs\"\n

Think that's gonna work? Ohh I sure hope so, I also hope it works and I get no more restrictions. *Update* That seemed to work and no more restrictions so far.

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