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    Storage for the elite.

    The safe is an indestructible container object that one can place in a territory. Safes can be locked with a PIN code. Once you have placed a safe for the first time, the PIN code will be set to 0000. Look at the safe and choose "Change PIN" to modify the current PIN code.

    Keep in mind that every time you lock or unlock a safe, your fingers will leave a heat signature on the surface of the code lock pad for 15 minutes. Other players can use a Thermal Scanner Pro to scan the heat signature, thus receiving information about the last three digits of your PIN code.

    If you fail to enter a correct PIN code for three times, access to a safe will be denied to everyone (including the owner!) for 5 minutes.

    You can deconstruct a safe and place it somewhere else if you like to. Look at the safe and choose "Pack safe" to deconstruct it. All items that are still in the safe will be dropped onto the ground during that procedure. Also, a Safe Kit will be placed on the ground too, so you can put the safe into your inventory if you like to.

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